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ATEK – Yuzhnoe Podmoskovie

Our company renders consulting and practical services in the foreign economic activity area relating to transit of transport and goods across the borders of the Eurasian Customs Union.

ATEK – Yuzhnoe Podmoskovie, LLS successfully performs different types of work in the customs clearance sphere, for instance: placing of goods under the necessary customs formalities, conducting competent customs clearance of import and export of manufacturing equipment, product lines, spares, etc.

At our clients service is the whole support of foreign economic activity:

  • Consultations in the sphere of foreign-trade transactions, currency control;
  • Providing recommendations or directly drawing up forwarding documentation relating to cargo necessary for customs authorities;
  • Organization of the obtaining of the Federal customs service classification decision;
  • Customs declaring of goods, preparation and printing of the bill of entry;
  • Consultations and practical assistance in obtaining of the required licensing documentation: a certificate of conformity GOST, a certificate of origin of the RF CCI (CT-1, “A”), veterinary and phyto-sanitary certificates, sanitary-epidemiological decisions, permissions and licenses of other public authorities- the Ministry of public health, the Ministry of defense, the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation, etc;
  • Storage handling of goods and transport, storing in bonded warehouses, cargo handling operations in outdoor and indoor areas;
  • The possibility of placing goods with specific storage conditions: availability of warehouses with temperature rate from – 25 C and above.
  • Storage and customs declaration of goods which are under control of veterinary and phytosanitary supervisory authorities.
  • Organization of all logistics processes for the cargo delivery, including international transportation and forwarding services;
  • Legal aid to entrepreneurs: recommendations on disputable cases of any complexity; assistance of practicing lawyers in the sphere of administrative, civil and corporate law;
  • Competent legal consulting in the field of customs, taxation and building legislation.
  • Exercise of other functions of the customs broker (representative) laid down by the Russian law.

Moreover, our experts give professional advice on the management of the foreign economic activity and on current legislation in this area.

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