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ATEK R-Leader

Limited liability сompany "ATEK R-Leader" offers its clients wide range of customs services, provided by the status of the official customs broker (certificate № 0535/01, 07/06/2013).

Our company declares any type of goods without limitations and also carries out all customs operations prescribed by law.

The range of our services includes:

  • preliminary analysis of documents necessary for customs clearance of goods in compliance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Customs Union;
  • gathering and preparation of all required documentation;
  • determination of foreign economic activity commodity nomenclature (FEACN) codes;
  • preparation of all the documents and papers necessary for the assignment of the qualifying decision of the FCS of Russia.
  • assistance in getting demanded certificates and permissions in case of non-tariff regulation;
  • declaring of goods;
  • calculating and payment of customs duties;
  • providing customs authorities with additional information and documentation necessary for customs clearance purposes;
  • submission of declared goods and transport to the representatives of customs authorities.

  Свидетельство о включении в Рееестр таможенных представителей (1 стр.)

  Свидетельство о включении в Рееестр таможенных представителей (2 стр.)

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